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A mobile APP for Teaching and Learning

iClassPolyU is a Location-based Services (LBS) driven application for innovative and technology-assisted teaching and learning! This website is for teacher to administer.

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Attendance recording system

Students are able to check-in using the application when they are in the classroom.

Classroom response system

Lecturers can raise the question during lectures, and students are able to use their own devices to answer the question.

Group discuss system

Students can be divided into different groups by this APP in spite of how far they are.

Instant messaging system

This function allows students to ask questions during the class, and also the lecturer asks questions or answers the messages to/from students.

Feedback functions

This app will automatically send feedback to students when the leave classroom!

Data analysis system

The system will allow the instructors and lecturers to access to the data and use the analysis tools.

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